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Gift Cards


The Gift Card is valid for a period of 3 months where, from the date of purchase, the holders will be able to redeem the amount with products of equal or greater value (if the difference has been paid).

The gift card will be issued a unique coupon code where it can be used for purchases in our online store.

Receipt of Gift Card

  • (in the email you have entered)
  • in paper form upon delivery of your order
  • in paper form from our physical store

Gift Certificate Terms

  • The gift card is not nominal and incorporates promise to be provided to the bearer.
  • The gift card can not be redeemed in cash, it can only be exchanged for purchased goods of at least equal or greater value, paying the difference.
  • In accordance with Greek law, and in particular according to paragraph 109 of article 7 of the Code for Taxation of Transactions (Law 4093/2012) for the purchase of a gift card, no proof of retail or invoice is issued because there is no delivery of goods but purchase of a right in favor of a third party which is embedded in the voucher, that is, a type of check whose bearer acquires the right to purchase goods of equal value of its own choice from the vendor.
  • When the vendor of the gift card appears and purchases goods of equal value, then the sale takes place and the corresponding tax element is issued.
    The gift card must be kept, as in case of loss or theft it is not replaced or canceled. U Pharm is not responsible for the loss or theft of a gift card.

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