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Our team

uPharm.gr store is the online extension of the pharmacy "Balafoutis Georgia" which is located in Patras, Zakynthos street 27-29.

Owner and operator of this website is the company with the name "PHARMACY Balafoutis GEORGIA", with the distinctive title upharm.gr. We are located at: Zakynthos 27-29, TK 26441, Patras, VAT number: 030 754 331, Tax A PATRON.

The Pharmacy was founded in 1985 and aims to strengthen its role as primary health level offering advice and informing on health issues, prevention, alternative healing, wellness and beauty.

All years of operation is close to the customer in order to orchestrate every effort to prevent and to address health issues.
Participants in this effort pharmacist and two assistants of the company.

Actual gain all these years the love and appreciation of customers.

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