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Terms of Use

Owner and operator of this website is the company with the name "PHARMACY Balafoutis GEORGIA", with the distinctive title upharm.gr. We are located at: Zakynthos 27-29, TK 26441, Patras, VAT number: 030 754 331, Tax A PATRON.

The information provided voluntarily by the users of this website, used by www.upharm.gr, so users have direct and effective communication with the store, to provide answers to specific questions posed and then be served and executed their orders. The information gathered by the www.upharm.gr via the website are designed to measure the number of traffic to determine customer requirements for more products and facilitate transactions with the company. The www.upharm.gr not distribute to any other organization or partner who is not connected with www.upharm.gr e-mail addresses, or any other information concerning users and customers.

Upharm.gr provides secure transactions.
Collection of information
The www.upharm.gr designed the website so that users can visit without having to reveal their identity unless they wish. We asked visitors to our website to provide us with personal data only if they want to order product (s) to register on our website and / or send email to www.upharm.gr

Use of Information: The www.upharm.gr collects two types of information about users: (1) information the user gives us when registering as a customer, (2) information the user gives us to execute the order of from www.upharm.gr. Upon completion of any order form on our website, you asked your name, address, zip code in your area, your address, your telephone number, credit card details, the payment method of the order. Additionally you can request more specific information, such as dispatch - delivery of an order, billing information or details about the offer you have requested. The www.upharm.gr use the information you provide during the electronic dispatch of the form in order to contact you about (i) the delivery of order at your place, (ii) to confirm and identify the client in any necessary case, (iii) special offers www.upharm.gr.

Access to Information: Each order requires great ease the collection of personal data, for delivery or booking an order. Also the use of a credit card, for charges which require identification documents legal biodata first and only time guaranteed in every case. Any documentary evidence and document certifies and declares the customer's identity remains strictly confidential and is only controlled by the relevant responsible department of www.upharm.gr. The presentation by you of your personal data, consent means that the data be used by employees of www.upharm.gr, for the reasons mentioned above. The www.upharm.gr requires site employees and maintainers to provide client users the level of security referred to in this Privacy Statement. In any other case the www.upharm.gr, can not share with others your personal information without your prior consent, unless required to do so by legal means. Please note that under certain circumstances permitted or required by law or based on a court decision, the collection, use and disclosure of your personal data that is collected online without your behalf prior consent (for example in If the judgment).
Correction, Modify or Delete Information
The www.upharm.gr allows users to correct, change, add or delete data and information presented in www.upharm.gr. If you choose to delete information, the www.upharm.gr will act to remove this information from the files directly. For the protection and safety of the user www.upharm.gr will try to ensure that the person who made the changes are actually the same person with the user. To access, change or delete your personal data to report problems with the operation of the website or to make any query contact www.upharm.gr via e-mail to the email address info @ upharm. gr. Change or correction of your personal data may also be made through the www.upharm.gr registration page. Please note that we will do everything possible to protect your personal data, but protect your password to our website depends on you.

The management of the upharm.gr and the protection of the personal data of the users and visitors of this site are governed by the relevant Greek and European legislation and these terms.
When visiting and using this site and in view of providing upharm.gr with the services it offers, it is likely that they will be asked to provide information concerning them (eg name, profession, telephone number, e-mail address, date birth, etc.). Personal data declared by users-visitors anywhere on the websites and services of this website are intended solely to ensure the operation of the respective service and may not be used by third parties without complying with the applicable laws. Personal user-visitor data requested by upharm.gr is limited to the information necessary for the operation of the e-shop and the provision of the services offered through it, in order to provide the best service, in accordance with the provisions of Law 2472/1997 for the protection of personal data, as well as Law 3471/2006 regarding the protection of data in the context of electronic commerce, as they apply at any time.
Upharm.gr may collect, store and process personal data of users / visitors of this site and iOS and Android apps only if the above data is provided by interested parties voluntarily for the following purposes:
• for the provision of services chosen by users-visitors through this website (eg product market, information for new products, participation in competitions, etc.).
• to better serve users and visitors.
• for gathering information from users - feedback on the products and services offered by upharm.gr and their improvement based on the information gathered.
• to inform user-visitors about new upharm.gr products after their consent.
• to inform users-visitors about upharm.gr promotions, as well as for any tenders, after their consent.
• for the promotion and promotion of upharm.gr products from a distance, with the consent of the users-visitors.
• for market research and communication with users, visitors, with their consent.
• to improve the awareness of upharm.gr.

The processing of personal data is in accordance with the provisions of the General Rules for the Protection of Personal Data (CPC 2016/679), any specific national and European legislation in certain areas, the applicable Greek legislation on the protection of personal data, as well as the protection personal data and privacy in the electronic communications sector (Law 3471/2006, as applicable) and the decisions of the Personal Data Protection Authority (APIA)

Personal data voluntarily provided by users-visitors of this site may be collected from upharm.gr in a Archive, stored and processed by it for the purpose.
The owner and controller of the personal data gathered in the above manner and the file created for the above purposes will be upharm.gr at whose registered office the above file will be installed.
The recipient of the personal data provided by the users / visitors of this site is only upharm.gr which may forward it to affiliated companies for the purpose of functional and computerized service of its dealings with such users / visitors , as well as for statistical and historical reasons. If the user / visitor has completed the relevant field and has consented to sending him / her information and promotional material, upharm.gr may, after informing the user / visitor, communicate his / her personal data to third parties for the advertising promotion of the products they offer, as well as to companies conducting market research or other similar activity.
The users / guests who have disclosed their personal data upharm.gr have the following rights:
• The right of access to the data concerning them and held by upharm.gr.
• the right to information on (a) all personal data concerning them and their origin; (b) the purposes of the processing; (c) the recipients or the categories of recipients; (c) the evolution of the processing at the time (d) the automated processing logic; (e) where appropriate, the correction, deletion or blocking of data whose processing does not comply with the provisions of the law; 2472/1997.
• The right to object to the processing of data concerning them.
• The right to temporary judicial protection.
• The consent of the participants to the collection and processing of their personal data may be revoked at any time, but without retroactive effect.
Upharm.gr respects all its statutory obligations. The subject of personal data has the right to

Upharm.gr has been adapted to the GDPR framework.


Like most websites, he also uses cookies so that upharm.gr can access certain information whenever a user / visitor is browsing its online store. Without cookies it would be impossible for upharm.gr to provide users / visitors of this site with important services such as order status, product storage in the basket etc.
Cookies are alphanumeric files that are transferred to the computer's hard disk by the users / visitors of a website and are used to maintain the statistics necessary for the provision of services such as those mentioned above, as well as to determine the popular websites or for marketing purposes and the access of the user / visitor to the website - website he / she desires.
Cookies do not pose risks to the user's / visitor's computer on the site. If someone does not want to collect information through cookies, they can set up their browser to delete their existing cookies on their hard disk and choose either to automatically reject all new cookies or to ask each one when a cookie is going to be installed on the computer's hard drive if it wants to reject it or accept it. However, users / visitors should be aware that choosing to disable cookies will make it more difficult or impossible to use the parts and services of the site.
Acceptance of Privacy Protection Procedures applied by www.upharm.gr
If using this website you accept and consent to this Privacy Statement as well as the terms and conditions of use of the website, which are announced through this.
Cancellation - Return - Replacement Products
As a customer you have the right to return the purchased product without stating any reasons within fourteen (14) calendar days of receipt of the product. In this case you will not incur any costs in excess of the product return costs.
Furthermore you are entitled to return the product purchased and ask for his replacement in the following cases:
• In any case selling the wrong product or bad or defective quality product with proven our fault.
• In cases where there was a problem - a defect in the product covered by the warranty.
In the above cases, once you receive the product, you should return it within ten (10) calendar days from the day of receipt.
In each case the products must be returned in the condition received from the Client, complete, undamaged and on the packaging, together with all the documents and the original purchase documents. If the refund is made within that period, or fails to fulfill any of these requirements, we reserve the right not to accept any refund or replacement.
After receipt and checking of products, will be returned within thirty (30) day money either to a bank account of the recipient, as he has indicated, either at the request of the recipient, the amount for future purchase will be credited.


According to Directive 2013/11 / EC, which was incorporated in Greece by Joint Ministerial Decision 70330/2015, now provided the possibility of online consumer dispute resolution process with the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR - Alternative Dispute Resolution) across the European Union. If the customer has the status of a consumer (ie. A natural person acting outside professional capacity) and has any problems with purchase made from our Website may initiate an ADR procedure through single EU-wide platform for online dispute resolution (platform ODR) available https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home.chooseLanguage

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