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Repel spray 100ml

Repel spray 100ml



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The Repel® keep insects away without smells in humans and simultaneously hydrates (hyaluronate). Thus, we can use it without discomfort, every hour of the day we need protection. The insect repellent action of Repel® lasts eight hours and gives the skin the necessary protection against insect bites and all the dangers they pose. It is dermatologically tested and suitable for adults, children and infants from 12 months. Its active ingredient IR3535, repellent natural origin, and is recommended by the World Health Organization and HCDCP to avoid bites from our known insect species that one encounters when traveling in tropical countries. Therefore Repel® is ideal for those who intend to travel. The IR 3535 is a body insect repellent and protect against a wide range of insects: mosquito, and tiger mosquito, midges, fleas, ticks, flies, bees, wasps. The Repel® is odorless, no preservatives and no parabens. The Repel® may be combined with our sunscreen. It is very practical, and not greasy.        

Apply Repel to the exposed parts of the body and spread evenly. To apply in person, put a small amount in your hand palms and apply carefully on the face of an adult or child, avoiding the eyes and mouth.

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