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A- Derma Phys - AC Gel Μoussant Purifiant 400ml

A- Derma Phys - AC Gel Μoussant Purifiant 400ml



ID: 7037
BARCODE: 3282770037029

Facial cleanser that combines the cleansing freshness of a gel and the softness of a moisturizing cleansing base.

With 100% plant-based concentrated ingredients, Phys-AC cleanses gently and cleans the skins without accelerating, thanks to the antistatic moisturizing agents.
For a clean, fresh skin with matte finish and slightly flavored.
Cool, gentle gel easy to rinse.


Without soap - do not sting the eyes - Hypoallergenic - Non-comedogenic

Apply morning and / or evening on wet skin, lather, rinse thoroughly & dry.

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